1. What is the Mission of the Flavor Run™ 5k?

The Flavor Run's Mission is to support local charities and local businesses through creating a unique fun run engaging all of your senses; sight, smell, touch, hearing, and TASTE.

2. Flavor? What in the world?!

We are not your ordinary "color run" - Yes, the celebration color powder at The Flavor Run™ is fruit flavored! Banana, orange, strawberry, grape, watermelon, and blueberry!! Our Flavor Food Labs has concocted a 100% safe, FDA Approved, delicious color powder that is FLAVORED. It doesn't make your mouth feel like you just ate a handful of sand.... It smells delicious and tastes pretty good in our opinions!
The true Flavor of the run comes from the taste of fruit at the Finish Line.

3. Do I need to be a fast super athlete/runner/polevaulter to do this?

Absolutely not! All ages and all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join You can run, walk, talk, skip, stroll, jump rope, side step, or dance the whole 5k J Strollers and wheelchairs are obviously welcome as well!

4. What should I remember about making my own TEAM?

Well this is easy and super awesome - Join or Create a Team of four awesome friends - Save $5 when you get your friends together (but please remember that starting a team does not guarantee a spot for your other members.) So get them to sign up ASAP. NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING? - Just Login to your Active Account

Family Registration - Save $5/person when you sign up the whole family(3-10 members) at one time! This option is to make the race affordable for families and user friendly to register.

1 Mile Fun Walk Will start in same waves as 5k Category - No need to do a registration, but a waiver will be required at Packet Pick-Up Note: Remember that kids 6 & under run/walk for FREE!

5. What is included with my The Flavor Run™ registration?

Lots of awesome Flavor Swag! Each Flavor City may differ a bit, but here is what we like to keep at a minimum lol :Exclusive Flavor Shirt (Me's or Women's Cuts), Flavor Tattoo, Flavor Race Bib, Flavor Color Packet, Flavor sponsor Swag, and finally a FLAVOR MEDAL (no big deal - we are the only "color run" with a medal"

All participants who purchase any entry will receive a medal at the Finish Line. You MUST have a Flavor Bib on!

6. Can I RUN/WALK with a jogging stroller and my kids?

Yes! Of course!

7. Can I run with my pup/dog/cat/iguana/snake?

As it turns out, due to our pesky lawyers and insurance agents, NO dogs nor any other pet friends will be allowed at any Flavor Run™ event. We still love your pups/animals though!

8. Is there an age limit for younger runners?

No age limits:) Flavor Children 6 and under run/walk for free, but there is no Flavor Swag :( But there is also a 1 mile Family Flavor walk/run.

9. Is there a packet pickup for the event? How does all that work?

Yes. Each Flavor City has a different location to pick-up all your race swag! Approx 1-2 weeks prior to the race, we will email you the Race Guide and Packet Pickup information! You will WANT to pickup before race day to avoid any waiting in lines!

10. Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

Yes of course! We are not stingy – All you will have to do is have them fill out a Flavor Friend Waiver Pickup form which we will post approx. 10 days before the race.

11. What should I wear to the Flavor Run 5k?

We recommend wearing your most comfortable ALL WHITE running clothes. The Flavor Run shirt you get with your entry will NOT be white, but we will have Flavor Run white shirts for sale on the day of the race. WARNING: DO NOT WEAR YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT

12. Will the Flavor Powder ruin my super awesome white running attire?

The Flavor Powder will mostly come out of your clothing and shoes. Washing your Flavored Clothes as soon as possible is recommended. We have heard that Oxiclean does a heck of a job getting the Flavor out. If you would like to preserve your awesome Flavored Shirt, spray it with vinegar & iron it. Or just google "How to get color powder out of my clothes" lol

13. Do the “Flavor Stations” affect vision? Or breathing?

The Flavor Stations will have volunteers (Flavorteers) who will be throwing basically food grade flavored cornstarch (100% natural and SAFE) on you as you walk/run/stroll by. As with any substance, you will want to keep it out of your eyes. Sunglasses, goggles, bandanas, or masks are some items that you can choose to bring at your own discretion. All Flavorteers will be trained and instructed to not aim for your face.

14. How can my friends and I be Volunteers?

We LOVE volunteers - Visit your city and click on the "Volunteer Tab" to get signed up. Thanks!

15. Will the Flavor Color Powder get in my car?

Maybe is the honest answer to that, but your car will smell delicious... But on a serious note, we recommend bringing some towels for the inside of your cars, just in case.

16. Are cameras and phones safe to have at the run and flavor stations?

We will have Flavor Photographers on site shooting some great pics. If you want to get shots yourself during the run, we recommend covering cameras/phones in a ziploc baggie.

17. Are there refunds? Can I transfer?

As it turns out, we cannot issue refunds. If for some reason you can’t make it to race day, definitely still come pick up your Flavor Gear.

Transfers? But we have allowed all participants to transfer your entry at NO COST as long as it is at least 2 weeks before race day. We know things come up.

18. Is The Flavor Run™ timed?

The Flavor Run™ 5k is not timed. In fact, take your time. This is a run/walk that is fun and enjoyable. The only Personal Record (PR) you will get in the Flavor Run will be MOST FUN AT A RACE AWARD.

19. What do we do after the 5k?

The Flavor Run™ 5k is not just a race/run/walk, but it is a full experience. We will have food/beverage, a live entertainment, vendor booths, and other fun post race activities (Cross your fingers for dunk tanks and inflatable slides) just saying!

20. What the heck is a Flavor Fairy and Flavor Forest?

Yes, you read correctly. Flavor Fairies. The Flavor Fairy program is for anyone who wants to dress up in your best fairy costume and throw Flavor Fairy Dust on runners/participants in the shade of the Flavor Forest.
What is the Flavor Forest? Just one of the most awesome features of the Flavor Run. Depending on the venue, it clocks in at just over a kilometer of running through a shaded area of trees during the run The Flavor Forest will be a place of fun and excitement. Flavor Fairies will have full access to run around in dresses/tutus/wings/tiaras and sprinkle flavor on all participants. Space is always limited.

21. Is the powder made of Fun Dip or Pixie Stix?

That would be amazing! But, no. The Flavor Celebration powder is basically corn starch with natural added flavor; banana, orange, strawberry, watermelon, grape, and blueberry. It is Gluten Free, non-allergenic, and 100% safe to consume. The powder does not taste as good as it smells, so we recommend not eating it by the handful. We are working on a Fundip/PixieStix creation and will keep you updated.

22. Can guys/boyfriends/husbands run/walk The Flavor Run™?

By far one of the most funny questions we have gotten! Of course they can! The Flavor Run is a fun run/walk for EVERYONE. It will be a blast with food/beverage, live music, vendor tables/tents, and participants of all ages.

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